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Table of Contents
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Track #1
How Residents Manipulate - Question 1
Track #2

How Domineering Residents can Damage Your Program - Question 2
Track #3

Explaining Program Changes to Domineering Residents - Question 3
Instructor's Guide for Training

Introductory Commentary
Part I: Staff & Volunteer Inservice Training Instructor's Guide
Part II: Manual of Articles
Section 4

Denial and Stages of Stress and Domineering Residents - Question 4
Section 5

Control Your Mind Games Concerning Your Domineering Residents - Question 5
Section 6

Passive Responses and How to Make an Assertive Statement with a Domineering Resident - Question 6
Section 7

Coping with Domineering Residents: The Triple-A Approach, Keeping a Stress Journal, and Finding the Funny Part - Question 7
Section 8

Counter Your Inner Critic when Your Domineering Resident Gets You Down - Question 8
Section 9

Domineering Residents and Playing the Blame Game - Question 9
Section 10

How to Center When Dealing with a Domineering Resident - Question 10
Section 11

Combating Distortions Related to Dealing with Domineering Residents - Question 11
Section 12

The Tyranny of the Should with Domineering Residents - Question 12
Section 13

Who’s Responsible for What in Conflicts with Domineering Residents… Anger Management Styles - Question 13
Section 14

Responding Assertively to the Requests of Domineering Residents - Question 14
Section 15

Are You Afraid of Your Domineering Resident? - Question 15
Selected Readings Bibliography/Authors/Instructors
Concluding Commentary