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About Us

Cathy ZugelThe founder of the Healthcare Training Institute...
T. Cathy (Zugel) Appleton has instructed thousands of Activity Directors since 1975, and is the creator of Success Therapy®.

She was a presenter at the National Association of Activity Professionals (NAAP) Convention, April 2000, in Colorado Springs, CO. Her topic was "Activities for Low Functioning Residents" She is speaking at the NAAP 2001 Convention in Burlington, VT.

-Ms. Appleton has been a monthly contributing editor for Creative Forecasting, "Low Functioning Activity Exchange."

She cuts through the theory and gives you the specifics you need to be more effective whether working with your low functioning residents or training staff. Ms. Appleton has been an Activity Director, a consultant, as well as a founding member of the National Association of Activity Professionals (NAAP).

She is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, holds a Masters Degree in Education and is Licensed Health Care Administrator.

National Association of Activity Professionals (NAAP) contributions
-1981 to 1983 Founding Member of NAAP, Board Member, National Association of Activity Professionals
-1983 to 1987 Recording Secretary for NAAP; State Contact Chairperson and Creator of this program
-1987 to 1988 Membership Chairperson for NAAP

Partial listing of Published Articles
-Creative Forecasting -1st monthly article printed October 1999 in "Low Functioning Activity Idea Exchange" to present Creative Forecasting,
-American Health Care Association Provider Journal, July 1986, "Success Therapy for Impaired Residents"
-Activities, Adaptation, and Aging, June 1984, "Review Consultation in the Skilled Nursing Facility"
-Selected Proceedings from the Sixth Annual Conference, Forum for Death Education and Counseling, October '83, "Death in the Long Term Care Facility: Promotion of Health Crisis Resolution for the Nursing Staff"

Partial listing of Education and Experience
-Independent self-employed, management consultant to nursing homes in central and southern Indiana to include ICF, SNF, and residential - 1977 to present
-Workshop, seminar, and course instruction since 1979
-Masters in Social Work from Indiana University, Indianapolis, Indiana 1979, LCSW 1999
-Licensed Nursing Home Administrator, 1978 to present
-Corporate consultant for Turtle Creek Convalescent Center's 22 facilities - 1974 to 1976
-Activity Director - 200 Bed, Turtle Creek Convalescent Center, Noblesville, Indiana, 1971-1974
-Master's Degree in Education from Ball State University, Muncie, Indiana, 1970

Partial listing of State Convention Presentations
-Montana Association of Activity Coordinators, September 1987 (keynote)
-North Dakota Council of Activity Coordinators, June 1987 (keynote)
-Connecticut Association of Therapeutic Recreation Directors, June 1986 (keynote)
-Oregon Health Care Association, September 1985 and February 1986
-Minnesota State Wide Activity Professionals, September 1985 (keynote)
-Wisconsin Representatives of Activity Personnel, September 1985 (keynote)
-Nebraska Health Care Association, June 1984 and June 1985
-Indiana Health Care Association, September 1984; Kansas Health Care Association, October 1983
-Louisiana Nursing Home Association, June 1982 and June 1983
-Maryland Association of Non-Profit Homes for the Aging, June 1982 (keynote)

Partial listing of Workshop Instruction
-Instructor for Activity Director 36 Hour Training Course Instructor at Indiana University, 1987-90;
-Instructor for Indiana Central University, 1976-80; and Ball State University, 1974
-Chair-person for the 36 Hour Training Course for the Indiana Health Care Association, 1980
-Instructor for Administrator's Training Course sponsored by the Indiana Health Care Association, 1983
-Instructor for Community Colleges of Iowa, Illinois, and Ohio, 1981-84
-Instructor for Evansville School of Health Occupations, series of 6 management training programs for nurses, dietary supervisory, administrators, and activities, 1979-1984

Partial listing of National Convention Presentations
National Association of Activity Professionals Convention, April 2000, Colorado Springs, CO, "Activities for Low Functioning Residents"
-American Health Care Assn. Natl. Convention, Hawaii, October 1985, "Success Therapy® and Alzheimer's Disease"
-Forum for Death Education and Counseling, Sixth Annual conference, Chicago, October 1984, "Death in the Long-Term Care Facility "
-National Association of Activity Professionals Convention, Ohio, April 1983, "Nursing Home Reimbursement: Cutback and Effects on Activity Personnel"

Partial listing of Elder Care Activity Workshop Instruction for the Healthcare Training Institute.
-48 cities in 1994- total attendance 5,600
-49 cities in 1993 - total attendance 5,300
-47 cities in 1992 - total attendance 5,000
-47 cities in 1991 - total attendance 4,600
-48 cities in 1990 - total attendance 4,800
-47 cities in 1989 - total attendance 4,760
-45 cities in 1988 - total attendance 4,500
-42 cities in 1987 - total attendance 4,125
-38 cities in 1986 - total attendance 3,291
-17 cities in 1985 - total attendance 1,695
-9 cities in 1984 - total attendance 622