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Section 27
Selected Readings and Bibliography
& Concluding Commentary

Table of Contents | NCCAP/NCTRC CE Booklet

Selected Readings and Bibliography

- Bolton, Robert & Dorothy Grover Bolton; “People Styles at Work”; AMACOM; New York, NY; 1996

- Bramson Ph.D, Robert; “Coping with Difficult People”; Anchor Press/Doubleday; Garden City, NY; 1981

- Glanz, Barbara A.  “Care Packages for the Workplace:  Dozens of Little Things You Can Do to Regenerate
Spirit at Work.”  McGraw-Hill:  New York, 1996.

- Graham Leviss, Katherine.  “High Maintenance Employees:  Why Your Best People Will Also Be Your Most
Difficult…and What You Can Do about It.”  Sourcebooks, Inc.:  Naperville, IL; 2005.

- Miller, Marlane; “Brainstyles:  Change your life without changing who you are”;  Simon & Schuster; New York, NY; 1997


Concluding Commentary

You have received numerous ideas regarding the four team building relational styles of Driver, Expressive, Amiable, and Analytical.  In addition, you have received communication specifics and a springboard for fun ideas in your facility.  Before taking this course, you may have felt that teamwork was an impossible dream.  It is my hope that you now feel the dream is not impossible.  It just takes starting with one employee, then another, then another, then another.  I have provided you with the best information that I know of regarding team building.  I hope you reread this manual often, as well as listen to the CDs often, and become dedicated to team building in your facility.
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