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Table of Contents
5 CE

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Track #1
Introduction - Question 1
Track #2
Four Factors that Influence Volunteer Recruitment - Question 2
Track #3
Writing Press Releases to Recruit Volunteers - Question 3
Track #4
Recruiting Volunteers by Telephone - Question 4
Track #5
Be Specific with Potential Volunteers - Question 5
Track #6
Using Group Presentations to Recruit Volunteers - Question 6
Instructor's Guide for DVD Training
Introductory Commentary
Part I: Inservice Training Instructor's Guide for DVD
Part II:
Manual of Articles: Volunteer Program Basics
Section 7

Getting Started - Question 7
Section 8

Complaints and Saying "No!" - Question 8
Section 9

Getting Sign-ups and Effective Organization - Question 9
Part III: Manual of Articles: Advanced Speaking Skills
Section 10

Attitude is Everything! - Question 10
Section 11

Give Honest, Sincere Appreciation - Question 11
Section 12

Creating Stories with a Point - Question 12
Section 13

Ways to Increase your Connective Input - Question 13
Section 14

Crafting a Story or Example that Motivates Volunteering - Question 14
Section 15

How to Request Your Listener to Volunteer - Question 15
Section 16

Flubs - Question 16
Section 17

Nervousness - Question 17
Section 18

Rehearsals - Question 18
Concluding Commentary
Selected Readings, Bibliography/Authors/Instructors